Progress Report.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hey everyone, brief update on how we're coming along.

I'm happy to introduce the first 99% done Commanding Officer, who is as of yet still unnamed but not un-arted.

As you can see, she went through multiple iterations to get to the stage she's at now, but over all I'm satisfied with the look and feel, the earlier ones were too stiff and amateur (but they were done relatively quickly at the time). I may make the earning team colored in the future as well, as at the smallest size it can be difficult to tell what team color she is.

I also have animations to show off. As usual, all designs are in flux as we develop the game to see what does or doesn't work:

Left side: idle/walking animations
Right side: shooting animations.
Not all units can shoot or have shooting animations as of yet, but in the future some of those will gain some.

All units are done with a very simple 3 frame cycle. Two frames for an idling animation, sped up when moving to give the illusion of walking. The firing animation cycles between the first and third frame, and no other art is necessary. I considered early on giving units animations for facing all four (or eight) possible directions of motion, but ultimately as the only artist it would be too great of an investment and compromised with this solution.

The engine itself is coming along nicely. It's playable but not yet solid enough to be called a game, despite its many game-like elements. In the coming weeks we plan on pushing out an alpha with all the core mechanics like unit building, base capturing, resource generation, and good pathing, but we're still some ways away from that.

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