Roadmap Going Forward

Friday, 24 March 2017

Hello everyone!

The first order of buisness, we now have a public Discord. Feel free to stop by and say hello, ask questions, or show your support.

It's been a while since the internal playtest. Feedback was good. The holidays came and went. We've taken this time to iron out where we want to go and what the road-map for the future is.

Public Demo is the big milestone we're aiming for. Internal playtests were favorable, and we really want to get the game into as many hands as possible while moving ahead. To support a wide release however, we're looking at restructuring some of the behind the scenes how matchmaking and server code works. Currently the engine takes every and any two connections it receives, and pairs them up with each other. For internal multiplayer testing, this works fine, but for a wide audience, some kind of server browsing will be necessary to see who is playing and be able to pair up with the people you want to pair against.

If the public demo goes over favorably, we have a few irons in the fire we are considering, mainly facing the realities of developing a full game, which means bringing on more people, considering sources of funding such as crowdfunding campaigns, and boosting our signal to get more notice by the public at large.

Looking For A New Programmer on that topic, getting out the public demo in any amount of time will be an undertaking in itself, so in that regard we've opened up our doors and are extending out feelers looking to bring another programmer on board in a permanent position. The team has agreed we're looking for someone who is experienced with Phaser already, who can slot into the process and hopefully stay with us until launch, do work on various aspects of the game from odds and ends, to helping with things like pathfinding and AI.

If you're interested, we have a post on the HTML5Gamedev forums with more information, or you can contact us at our email, on twitter, or on the new public discord.

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