Internal Alpha Testing

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Internal alpha testing has finally begun. Above is recorded footage of one of our first matches between myself and the programmer before we start to bring in outsiders to test. In this test candidate, there are:
  • No Collisions. Collision code is a bit of a rats nest and challenge to work so for virtue of time, we cut collisions for the tests rather than using the half finished, buggy collision code.
  • Land Units Only. Water and Air units are in the definitions but not fully tested, so they're disabled for play still.
  • Sound and music is all placeholders. You may recognize a few. The title screen music is open licence free, and the in-match song is composed by Scarlet Moon Productions.
  • Limited Hotkeys: As you can see in the video, I have to manually click on every unit to buy them. In future builds, you'll be able to buy units with keyboard keypresses like any other RTS.
Where are we headed?

From this point forward, we're going to be conducting test matches and tweaking the game balance and implementing juice and quality of life features from our testers feedback. Once the matches are all done, we will have more to show then.

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