Devblog 2.0

Friday, 20 May 2016

I'm proud to declare the retrofit of this devblog complete.

It took just under a month from start to finish. I realized that the blog's original look was aging badly and holding us back as production on the game ramped up, and that it was time to give it a new coat of paint to better represent the game.

The old look was grey and drab, as shown here.

So I took it upon myself to draw a new design. This is the design sketch I mocked up in Photoshop on April 24 as my vision of the new look.

As you can see, as it was implemented certain design aspects evolved into new shapes. Tapered edges turned out to be more trouble than they were worth. The Twitter widget was broken for a long period of time, finally fixed by disabling "Exclude Replies" as for whatever reason, this was excluding all our tweets.

I didn't do this all myself however as CSS and HTML are not my primary skillset by any means. A friend of mine Esther put in a few hours guiding me in the proper ways to margin, border, background, and generally improve the website as a whole, so they deserve 50% to 99% of the credit.

Along with updating the look, I'm also proud to announce our official Subreddit (now linked under the Forum button) as well also took the time to go over the Media and About tabs that had been long since neglected. They now contain more up to date screenshots, the pre-alpha trailer, and a blurb about the game and our team.

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  1. do not speak English but sounds much better this game lleges hopefully get him out soon esperare this game :D