State Of The Game 2016

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Hello everyone, it's been a long time.

Where have we been? For a while, the game went on hiatus, but we are back now. We've brought a project manager on board and expanded the role of game designer. As of roughly three months ago, the game has resumed active development. A new programmer was brought in and with his help we have started to set up sprints and meet daily goals.

Trello, our team's management platform showcasing the active cards.

What has been done? Extensive bug fixing to make multiplayer stable and implemented tons of missing features to make game play closer to the vision, the map format has been overhauled to support a more user friendly format. The terrain atlas has been restructured and expanded from 512x512 to 1024x1024. The HUD was tossed out in favor of a new style. Collision maps have been added for the multitude of terrain types. We expanded and clarified the roles of game designer and project manager; who developed a more disciplined development methodology based on sprint and agile techniques.

Where are we going? The current goals are:

  • Internal Alpha - Internally we've been working hard to make sure the game runs smoothly and patching anything that prevents this such as multiplayer desynchonization issues.
  • Closed Alpha - Once the game runs cleanly internally, testing with a broader audience will begin initially only open to close friends to gather feedback.
  • Open Alpha - With the changes brought on by external feedback in place, we plan to release a demo version that, while far from feature complete, should have all existing systems fully functional including online matchmaking. 

Most recent screenshot of the game running, featuring an entirely new UI.


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