Update #3 - Updating Old Assets

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Comparisons to AW are inevitable. We understood that from the start. That was partially the point. When your sprites are 16x16, blue, and cute military shapes, there's not a whole lot you can do to shake that comparison.

That being said, as the artist here I put in a great deal of time and effort trying my best to establish our own unique looks and designs for units. A lot of the early alpha artwork hit too close to home for everyone's comfort level, so over the last few days I've been spending my time going back and re-doing early artwork.

Attached bellow is a large pool of how I develop the units for Super Combat Squadron. It may look like from the outside that I just iron out a new unit bam all at once, but it actually takes a great many iterations and trial and error on my part before I stumble into a design I think works.

Top Left: The redesigns for the rocket car and long range Anti Air missle launcher. The originals as mentioned looked far too close to home and needed a complete overhaul.

Top Right: Very early artwork I did for the cars, APCs, and heavy rocket infanty. The nozzle on the gun took many attempts to get a shape I was satisfied with.

Bellow the two of those in the middle are the now outdated AA Machine Gun Tank and Heavy Tank designs, which all iterate too close to AW, and since then I've already designed the Heavy Tank into its new state, seen bellow in the Bottom Right.

The last unit who is going to undergo these changes is the aforementioned AA Machine Gun tank, which will be getting a new look in the coming days.

EDIT: While we're talking about it, I have another nice tidbit for you all. I keep all my work from the earliest designs, I have here the earliest building iterations to show off:

Many designs never saw the light of day, or were done simply for fun, like a random fist build. Maybe in the future they'll see use again, but for now they languish on my harddrive.

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