Super Combat Squadron (SCS)  is a real-time strategy game that focuses on tactical unit positioning, point capturing to generate resources, and power kits of Commander abilities to compliment your play-style.

SCS takes place in a fantastical and cartoonish alternate Earth populated by persons gifted though hard work, technology, or force of will with extraordinary abilities you can leverage on the battlefield.

Demo Features:
  • 12 maps showcasing the various environmental styles of SCS
  • 1v1 Single Player skirmish versus computer AI
  • 1v1 P2P Online Skirmish Multiplayer versus other players
Planned Release Features:
  • Custom level support to create and release your own maps
  • Single-player Campaign with a branching narrative based on your actions and performance in battle
  • Online Skirmish Multiplayer supporting up to 12 or more players with teams
  • A cast of playable Commanders who's presence affects the flow of combat via ability kits


Bunp - Lead Artist, Designer, PR
I'm responsible for all of the game's core design elements and producing all the visual assets used in SCS. I also manage our blog, email, social media outlets (Discord, Twitter, Reddit) and fill any other role that needs being done.
Sanojian - Developer
I'm the other founding member of Lax Viking Games along with Bunp and am a developer for SCS.

Steve - Developer, Project Manager
I'm a developer on the Lax Viking team as well as acting as project management for the team.

Florin - Developer
I'm a developer on the Lax Viking team and I also run a tutorial series on Youtube for Phaser developers.